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Site: ACAMS Smart Learning Platform
Course: ACAMS Smart Learning Platform (ASLP-T)
Glossary: FAQ

Are my data well protected on the external platform?

Yes, your data is well protected. The data is stored no longer than absolutely neccesary. Plus the data is stored and transferred in compliance with ING Data Protection rules.


Can I also do the exam on the app?

No you cannot do the exam on the app.  The exam takes place on a secure online site or physical location.

Can I also take the test on the mobile app?

No you can't take the final test on the app. You can take practice questions on the app.  You need to take the final test on the platform.

Can I change my selected language during a course?

No, once you have selected a language and started the course, you cannot switch between languages.

Can I do the course during office hours?

You are allowed to do the course during office hours. We recommend you discuss this with your manager beforehand.

Can I pause the course at any moment?

Yes, you can pause and continue the course whenever you want, thereby deciding your own pace.

Can I pause the qualification course at any moment?

Yes, you can pause and continue the course whenever you want, thereby deciding your own pace.

Can I switch from using the web application to the app (or vice versa) during a course?

Yes, you can. A reminder that the final test can only be done using the desktop version of the platform


Do I have to do any prework?

No, you don't have to do any prework

Do I need to do any self-study?

No you don't need to do self-study for AML foundation. All required information is in the digital course. 

Do I need to take an exam?

At the end of foundation courses there is a final test, to test your knowledge level after completing the course.

Do I need to take exams?

Yes.  Once you have completed the course you will need to take an official exam (which is supervised).

Does my qualification needs to be renewed?

Yes every year you are required to do an additional two hours of studying to renew your qualification


How can I use my earned certificates and badges?

These official badges are designed to be shared on social media (e.g. LinkedIn)

How do I login to the course?

After you have enrolled on the ILC, you will receive an invitation from the Smart Learning platform with your login credentials. You will only receive these credentials once, so remember them well.

How do I receive a certificate and a badge?

After you passed the final test of a foundation course, a link will appear on your dashboard on the Smart learning Platform where you can download your Certificate.

How do I register for a course?

You  will either be enrolled in the ILC by your manager or you can enroll yourself in the ILC. When you enroll yourself, an approval from your manager is required. 

How long do I have to finish this course?

The course will be available for 6 weeks. After failing the test the you get another 4 weeks, to make sure you pass. 

How long does it take to complete a qualification course?

Qualification courses require 8 hours online study time, excluding the final exam. You may also want to revise before sitting for the exam.

How long does it take to complete the AML foundation course?

Foundation courses take about 4 hours study time excluding the final test. 


I already have a CAMS Qualification. Do I have to take this course again?

If you have a CAMS qualification you are exempted for all foundation courses, CKYCA qualification and the CAMS qualification course.

I cannot login due to a firewall installed on my workplace. Who do I contact?

Please contact your local IT Helpdesk

I don't have a KYC-related role, can I still take ACAMS courses?

If you do not have a KYC related role but still would like to do ACAMS courses, please discuss this with your direct line manager, since your manager needs to approve, because of cost implications. Then contact the KYC academy with your request

I have selected the wrong language, can I change it?

You have the opportunity to select your language when at the start of the course. Once you have selected your preferred language, you cannot change this during the course

I lost my login credentials. I cannot login anymore

Please re-request your credentials on the platfrom. If that doesn't work please contact ACAMS at


My login credentials don't work

Please try resetting your password on the platform.  If that doesn't work please contact ACAMS at


What do I do when I think I don't have to follow a course?

There will be a formal waiver process available that needs approval from Compliance

What do I get when I pass an exam?

If you pass the exam you will be officially qualified. You will be registered as qualified on ACAMS servers and entitled to use the letters of the credential you have earned after your name.  You will also receive a verifiable digital badge which you can use for example on your CV. 

What does a test look like?

A test exists of multiple choice questions and can be done on the platform

What does an exam look like?

An exam exists of multiple choice questions and is either digitally or physically supervised

What happens if I fail the test after 5 attempts or 6 weeks?

When you fail the test 5 times, you and your manager will receive an e-mail in which you are advised to look for support.

What if I fail the test?

You have multiple chances to pass the test. If you fail, we suggest you seek help with your manager or colleagues. When you reached the maximum amount of time for the course and you  were not able to pass the final test, this result will be stored in ILC. It has no further consequences for now.

What is the difference between the final test and an exam?

At the end of a foundation course you take a final test. An exam is taken after a qualification course. An exam is more official in nature and is supervised either digitially or physically.

What will happen with my results?

Your results will be stored in the ILC. If you passed the test, ILC will show this as 'Completed'. If you didn't finish the course or didn't pass the test, it will show as 'Incomplete'.

Where I can find the Mobile App?

You can find the app in the Apple app-store or Android Playstore. The app is called "Smart Learning Platform" 

Which courses do I have to take?

The courses you have to take are dependent on your job function.

Who can I contact when I have a question about the content?

Please contact ACAMS at

Who do I contact if I have questions considering other ING KYC training?

Please send an e-mail with you question to

Why are we using an external learning platform?

The Smart Learning Platform enables us to offer courses in a more modern way. For instance, courses can be studied on the web or via a mobile app and include quizes.

Why do I need to take ACAMS courses?

ING wants you to be prepared for your job in the best way possible. As a member of our KYC staff, we are offer you internationally recognized, KYC courses and credentials so that you can do your job in the best interest for ING and its customers

Will the results be shared with my manager?

The final result will not be shared with your manager.