Thursday, 6 August 2020, 9:22 PM
Site: ACAMS Smart Learning Platform
Course: ACAMS Smart Learning Platform (ASLP-T)
Glossary: FAQ

I already have a CAMS Qualification. Do I have to take this course again?

If you have a CAMS qualification you are exempted for all foundation courses, CKYCA qualification and the CAMS qualification course.

I cannot login due to a firewall installed on my workplace. Who do I contact?

Please contact your local IT Helpdesk

I don't have a KYC-related role, can I still take ACAMS courses?

If you do not have a KYC related role but still would like to do ACAMS courses, please discuss this with your direct line manager, since your manager needs to approve, because of cost implications. Then contact the KYC academy with your request

I have selected the wrong language, can I change it?

You have the opportunity to select your language when at the start of the course. Once you have selected your preferred language, you cannot change this during the course

I lost my login credentials. I cannot login anymore

Please re-request your credentials on the platfrom. If that doesn't work please contact ACAMS at


My login credentials don't work

Please try resetting your password on the platform.  If that doesn't work please contact ACAMS at


What do I do when I think I don't have to follow a course?

There will be a formal waiver process available that needs approval from Compliance

What do I get when I pass an exam?

If you pass the exam you will be officially qualified. You will be registered as qualified on ACAMS servers and entitled to use the letters of the credential you have earned after your name.  You will also receive a verifiable digital badge which you can use for example on your CV. 

What does a test look like?

A test exists of multiple choice questions and can be done on the platform

What does an exam look like?

An exam exists of multiple choice questions and is either digitally or physically supervised